Growing up, Winona Ryder always seemed to be in my favourite films – her characters were sturdy, glamourous, and gothic in a way that no one else seemed to even try to embody. Jo March the writer, Lydia Deetz the photographer. She loved the beasts and lived in the dark, and was everything that weirdo six year old me wanted to be (when I wasn’t dancing with Johnny Castle and refusing to be put in a corner). So she’s the inspiration for this blog –  not the subject.

I’ll be writing mostly about horror… That to me is a pretty open subject so don’t be surprised if all the posts aren’t about the latest horror films, they are more likely to be my take on classics or maybe just what’s new to Netflix. Occasionally, if the mood strikes, there might be a political rant. Who could blame me when the monsters are occupying the throne. Trump and Cersei Lannister are almost definitely related. More often than not though, I’ll be admiring the wonders, terrors and playfulness of scary cinema and television.

I’m also happy to say, that this blog will not be spending any time dedicated to telling you how wrong you may or may not be living your life. Because lifestyle blogs are for shapeshifting necromancers, and I’m just not down with that kind of emotional instability or victim blaming.

Look into shadowy corners and don’t run away when the light shines on the monster.

Wino Forever,



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